Freelance Blogging Jobs Online: 14 Ways to Find Paid Blogging Gigs

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Learn exactly where to find high-paying freelance blogging jobs online!freelance blogging jobs online

Looking for freelance blogging jobs and feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast?

I hear ya!

As a new freelance writer, I spent a lot of time looking for freelance writing gigs.

And I eventually stumbled on freelance blogging jobs. I didn’t have a blog of my own at that time but I found that I could still get paid to blog anyway!

These days, I still take on freelance blogging gigs and they still are a really great and easy way to make money freelance writing.

But if you’ve never tried freelance blogging you might be wondering what it’s all about and how to find paid freelance blogging jobs online.

And that’s what I’m breaking down for you today, so let’s dig in!

What Is Freelance Blogging?

Being a freelance blogger essentially means you get paid to write blog posts for businesses and websites that have a blog.

For example, here’s a snapshot from one of the personal finance blogs I write for.

chime blog

The company offers online bank accounts but they also have a blog that’s packed with personal finance posts.

They hire me and other freelance bloggers to create content for the blog. I do this for quite a few blogs in the personal finance space and it’s helped me build a six-figure writing career.

There are some great benefits of blogging as a freelance writer, even if you’re doing it for someone else’s blog and not your own.

As a freelance blogger, you can:

  • Establish your brand and make yourself more visible to would-be clients
  • Fine-tune your writing skills
  • Grow your portfolio of freelance writing samples
  • Develop your expertise in your freelance writing niche
  • Make great money writing blog posts!

If that last part is what you’re most interested in, I feel you. When I first started freelance writing my number one goal was to work less and earn more money for my writing.

And that’s still true today.

So one way I achieve that goal is by accepting high-paying freelance blogging jobs online that pay $400, $500 or more per post.

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How Do Freelance Bloggers Make Money?

First, let’s talk about how much money you can actually make with freelance blogging jobs online.

Check out this snapshot of the average annual salary for freelance bloggers from ZipRecruiter.

freelance blogger salary

Not bad, right?

And the more of an expert you become in your freelance writing niche, the more money you can command as a freelance blogger!

At a minimum, I always recommend charging at least $50 per blog post if you’re a total freelance writing newbie.

That should be your standard rate for blog posts. But once you get established, you can start working your way up and increasing your freelance writing rates.

So how do you actually make money as a freelance blogger?

It’s a simple enough formula:

  • You find freelance blogging jobs online
  • You apply for the gig or send in a killer pitch to get hired
  • You write the post
  • You get paid

That’s really it!

The hardest part of making money as a freelance blogger is getting established and then finding paid freelance blogging jobs online.

But don’t worry, I’m going to show you exactly how to do both!

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How Do You Become a Freelance Blogger?

If you want to make money freelance blogging, then it helps to have a blueprint for how to do it.

And there are a couple of ways you can approach it.

First, there’s my favorite way to become a freelance blogger: start your own blog.

Why start a blog as a freelance writer?

There are some great reasons to start a blog when you’re hoping to make money as a freelance blogger or writer.

Starting a blog of your own can help you:

  • Establish your freelance writing brand
  • Showcase your writing style and skills
  • Create a solid body of work you can use to land freelance blogging jobs
  • Network with other freelance bloggers and editors
  • Advertise and sell your freelance blogging services through a Hire Me page
  • Make money from your blogging efforts if you decide to monetize your blog with affiliates, ads, products or sponsored posts

I waited a long time to start a blog but if I could do it over again, I’d definitely start a blog from day one.

If you don’t have a blog yet, there’s no better time than right now to start one.

There are a few things you’ll need to start blogging as a freelance writer, including:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting (I love, love, love Siteground for web hosting!)
  • A blog theme (Restored 316 and Bluchic have some great options)
  • A plan for blogging

The first three are important for getting your freelance writing blog up and running. But having a plan for blogging is essential.

Your freelance blogging plan should include:

  • What you plan to blog about (i.e. your freelance writing niche)
  • An idea of what kind of problems your blog posts can solve
  • A schedule for how often you plan to write blog posts
  • Basic knowledge of how to write and format a blog post
  • A strategy for promoting your blog posts so they get noticed by prospective clients

You may also want to include some ideas for how to monetize your blog if you want to make money from it but you can always work on that once you’ve gotten past the blogging newbie stage.

If you’re not sure how to get your blog up and running, then reading my how to start blogging guide is a must.

It walks you through everything you need to know to start a blog with Siteground for just pennies a day!

What if I don’t want to start a blog of my own?

As mentioned, there’s more than one way to find freelance blogging jobs online. And while starting a blog can be a great building block for a successful freelance writing career, it may not be right for everyone.

So the next option is to start looking online for freelance blogging jobs.

freelance blogging jobs online

Where to Find Freelance Blogging Jobs Online

Alright, so let’s get right to the good stuff: where to find paid freelance blogging jobs online.

The good news is, there are lots of ways to find gigs that will pay you to blog. And I’m going to give you more than a dozen options for finding high paying freelance blogging gigs.

Sound good? Here we go!

1. Problogger Jobs Board

The Problogger Jobs board was one of the first places I ever used to find freelance blogging jobs.


What’s great about Problogger is that you can find paid blogging jobs in a wide variety of niches.

So whether you write about personal finance or digital marketing or you want to find a ghostwriting gig, odds are you’ll find it here.

2. BloggingPro Job Board

BloggingPro is another freelance writing job board that I used early on to find paid blogging jobs.


Like Problogger, there’s a lot of variety here. And the site makes it easy to search for paid blogging gigs using keywords related to your niche.


I loved as a beginning freelance blogger.


I could always find great blogging gigs in the personal finance niche here, though you’ll also find blogging jobs for other niches here, too.

And if you’re interested in an offline writing gig versus an online one, you’ll find those here as well.

4. Online content marketing agencies

Online content marketing agencies can be a great way to find high-paying freelance blogging jobs online, if you’re using the right ones.

So what do I mean by that?

The best online content marketing platforms are the ones that work with top-quality brands and pay competitive rates. They’re the total opposite of content mills, which pay writers literal pennies for their efforts.

Some of my favorite online content marketing platforms are:

Between these four platforms, I’ve made several hundred thousand dollars as a freelance blogger over the years. Yes, you read that right.

These sites offer writing gigs that pay anywhere from $350 for a 500-word post to almost $1,000 for a 1000-word post.

Getting started with them is easy; you just have to sign up and create a profile. Contently and ClearVoice also give you the option to create an online portfolio, which is a plus.

These sites then work to connect clients with writers. It can take a little time to get your first paid blogging job this way but it can be well worth the wait if you’re able to get repeat gigs.

5. Contena Job Board

Contena is a premium freelance writing and blogging job board.

With Contena, you can browse listings for lucrative freelance blogging jobs online. And I’m talking gigs that pay several thousand dollars per post, versus several hundred.

There is a fee to sign up for Contena job board access. But as part of your membership, you also get a ton of helpful tools and resources you can use to grow your freelance writing business.

6. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another premium job board that’s an outstanding resource for finding paid blogging jobs online.


What I like about FlexJobs is that they also feature other types of remote jobs, including other freelance writing gigs. So if you want to get paid to write case studies or technical papers or articles, you can find plenty of those jobs here too.

7. Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is another freelance writing job board that was a go-to resource when I was just starting out.

freelance writing gigs

This site posts fresh freelance writing and blogging gigs every day, plus it’s full of great articles about how to make more money writing!

And what I like about this job board is that they often include the rates for freelance blogging jobs with the listings so you can see what you might earn if you land the gig.

8. General job boards

Aside from job boards that focus on remote work and freelance writing jobs, you can also find paid freelance blogging jobs with more general job boards.

Some of the ones I used as a new freelance writer included:


When using general job boards to find freelance blogging jobs, you have to be a little strategic. So that means using keywords that fit your niche and making sure you include the words “freelance” or “blogging” in your search.

That can help you weed out any writing jobs that don’t fit what you’re looking for.

9. Facebook groups

If you’re not using Facebook groups to find paid freelance blogging jobs then you’re missing out!

I belong to several Facebook groups for bloggers and mompreneurs and I see people posting all the time looking for freelance writers and bloggers.

In fact, I recently helped another blogging/freelance writing mom I know land a writing gig by sharing a posting from someone in the group!

The groups I belong to are all for bloggers but you can also find writing opportunities by searching for Facebook groups for freelance writers. And don’t overlook ones that target your niche either since those can also be great spots for finding paid gigs!

10. LinkedIn

I am a HUGE fan of using LinkedIn to grow your freelance blogging career. LinkedIn has been a significant part of my success.


There are different ways you can use LinkedIn to find paid blogging jobs online.

For starters, you can check out LinkedIn Jobs. You can search for remote writing and blogging opportunities here and I’ve found some awesome gigs this way over the years.

The other way to leverage LinkedIn is to create a killer profile that makes it easy for blogging clients to find you.

This means having a great headshot, including a link to your blog and using keywords to boost your appearances in LinkedIn search results.

Read this post for more tips on how to create a client-getting LinkedIn profile!

11. Twitter

Twitter is another lesser-known way to find paid freelance blogging jobs online.

Brands and businesses regularly reach out on Twitter to find freelance writers and bloggers. You can use hashtags like #bloggerneeded or #bloggingjobs to find newly-listed blogging opportunities.

12. Cold pitching

Cold pitching sounds super scary when you’re just starting out as a freelance writer.

Basically, you’re reaching out to businesses, brands and blogs and asking them to pay you to write.

But cold pitching can be an excellent way to find high paying freelance blogging jobs online if you’re willing to give it a try.

Some of my best tips for cold pitching:

  • Keep your pitches short and sweet
  • Focus your pitches on how you can help the client
  • Show value or social proof if you can
  • Make sure you’re directing your pitches to the right person

One thing I always tell people about cold pitching is that it’s a numbers game – the more pitches you send out the greater your odds of landing a paid blogging gig.

For more on how to cold pitch, you’ll definitely want to read my guide to cold pitching and getting clients!

13. Google

Google can be an absolute goldmine for finding freelance blogging jobs when you’re just starting out.

You head to Google, type in the right search terms and boom – you (hopefully) get a ton of search results that could turn into paid blogging gigs.

For example, here’s what happened when I typed “blog for us” into the search bar:

blog for us

This simple search turned up over 11 billion results!

And that’s just one search term you can use to find paying blogging jobs. “Write for us” is another one that can help you find paying gigs.

If you want to make it niche-specific, you can add in a keyword or two that’s relevant to your area of expertise.

So if I search for “write for us” but this time add “personal finance” to the search, here’s what I get:

write for us

This search generated over 900 million results. Bottom line, Google is a dead-simple way to find freelance blogging jobs online that you can use to grow your income!

14. Your blog

I already mentioned how helpful it can be to start a blog as a freelance writer but I’m going to throw this one out there again.

Your blog can be an invaluable tool for attracting clients. I’ve had a number of clients find one of my blogs (I have three 🙂 ), love my writing and email me to offer a paid blogging gig.

So if you haven’t started a blog yet, definitely give it some thought.

There can be a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning but blogging can be well worth it once your efforts start to take off.

Are You Ready to Make Money as a Freelance Blogger?

Becoming a freelance blogger can help you build a lucrative writing career and getting started is easier than you might think.

With so many different ways to make money blogging, you could be passing up income if you don’t give it a shot!

Have you found success with freelance blogging? Or do you have a killer tip for how to find paid freelance blogging jobs online?

If so, head to the comments and tell me about it. Then don’t forget to pin and share this post!

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  1. This article is awesome! It’s so hard to find freelance writing jobs as beginners so I can definitely commiserate. These are some solid places to find good blogging jobs of all experience levels. All of my clients have come through LinkedIn. I think you can do well if you optimize your LinkedIn profile right. Love this list and tips.

    • Thanks, Heather! LinkedIn is an amazingly powerful tool for finding paid blogging jobs online and other types of freelance writing jobs. This is where almost all of my referrals come from these days!

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